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          Myanmar Development Foundation is helping small businesses and artisans from Myanmar and other developing countries. Political instability and economic injustice treatment to those people are hurting not only local small businesses to survive but also individuals and community to thrive. Therefore, artisans and local community needs our loving hands to reach out and support them.


          Myanmar Development Foundation started with a small project by employing microfinance investment to local farmer to able to sell locally grown grape back to the community. Microbusiness model is in conjunction with traditional donation process in which donors are donating through buying stuff from local businesses while we are injecting small amount of financial remedy to business owners to able to sustain and pass through the financial hardship until it becomes organic.

          From a small project we started with great success, we are now expanding more projects connecting you with local farmers and artisans directly. Your donation helps them greatly in many different ways to stay in business which in turn help other individuals and families who are depending on them to survive.

          HOW IT WORKS

          Myanmar Development Foundation partners with local artisans, women owned businesses, and farmers, and helping them with 100% upfront payment to their products to keep on doing what they always love to do - creating handcrafts and growing local produces.

          Supporting and partinership with local artisans from Myanmar

          Employing microfinance investment to local farmers and artisans enables raw material purchases, handcraft production

          Strong partnership promotes artisan development and business growth.

          Full payment is made before product is shipped.

          Handcrafted products from Myanmar are made available to the marketplace, established and maintained by Myanmar Development Foundation

          Empowering and upskilling disadvantaged and challenged individuals and communities

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